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  1. questionAdd Leading Zero to Excel
    Do you have a list of numbers some with a zero and some without? This article will provide you with an Excel formula to easily solve the problem. Click link for article: Adding Leading Zero to Excel
  2. questionSupported CRM Integrations
    Supported CRM Integrations
  3. questionSpitFire Enterprise - Latest Version Logs
    This article describes feature additions and fixes for the following: I. Major Feature Updates II. Telephony Business Service III. Dial Service IV. Login Service V. Telephony Core VI. Manager App IMPORTANT: All SpitFire software updates are developed on systems running the latest Windows Updat ...
  4. questionPRI Testing
    PRI TESTING When testing PRI circuits on a Spitfire system, the isdiag tool is available to test a Dialogic card and show if the circuit is up and running. This tool is provided by Dialogic and is specifically used for testing PRI circuits. In order to run the isdiag tool, we will first need to ...
  5. questionSpitFire Enterprise Manual
    SpitFire Enterprise Manual