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  1. questionImport List
    IMPORTING LISTS Click on the “import” box as shown above, this will open the utility to build a new List. The List Import wizard will appear. Click on the “Browse” box to select the data file to import. Using this option the data file needs to be on the computer that ...
  2. questionBest Back Up Practices
    What should you back up on your SpitFire Enterprise system? Read this!
  3. questionAgent Status Definitions
    Agent Status Definitions displayed in All Users screen. Click Here
  4. questionMax Character List Import
    This article contains the character count for all fields in list import. Click Here
  5. questionBest Practice Doc
    This document provides recommendations for BEST PRACTICES for running the SpitFire Enterprise System.
  6. questionSQL Statements
    Query List Max Retry- After defined call count has been reached, records in the list will no longer rework/ redialed in assigned campaign only. and CallCount < 3 Query By State- Dial by defined state. and State = ‘TX’ Query States- Dial by multiple states. and State in ('TX', 'CA ...
  7. questionAdd Leading Zero to Excel
    Do you have a list of numbers some with a zero and some without? This article will provide you with an Excel formula to easily solve the problem. Click link for article: Adding Leading Zero to Excel
  8. questionSystem Disposition Codes & Errors
    SpitFire Enterprise system disposition codes and errors are defined in this article. OPEN
  9. questionMerging Fields in Excel
    If you have two separate fields in Excel that you need to merge into one click on the below article for instructions on concatenating. Merging Two Fields In Excel
  10. questionCall Backs
    Understanding Call Backs
  11. questionRecording Format
    All recorded messages (including on hold message, preamble and answering machine) must be saved as in 11025 HZ 8 Bit Mono format for SIP and PRI based systems and 8000 HZ 16bit mono for Flat T1 and analog systems.
  12. questionLocal No Calls Not Assigned Error
    Local No Calls Not Assigned Article
  13. questionGroup Not Assigned Error
    Groups Not Assigned Article
  14. questionIVR Script Not Assigned Error
    IVR Script Not Assigned Error
  15. questionList Not Assigned Error
    List Not Assigned Article
  16. questionCell Phone Scrubbing Result Codes
    Click on the following article to understand Result Codes for CNI- Cell Number Identification Scrubbing Result Codes
  17. questionNo Calls Not Saving
    No Calls Not Saving In Campaign
  18. questionMonitoring and Coaching
    Step by step instructions on Supervisor Monitoring & Coaching
  19. questionCampaign Not Dialing
    Why is my campaign not dialing?
  20. questionIVR Script Diagrams
    Click here to view IVR diagrams and descriptions.
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