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  1. questionSPD Agent Software Installation
    I. Intro II. SpitFire Agent Software Installation III. Configuring the SpitFire Agent Software Introduction This article describes how to install, configure and modify the SpitFire Agent software. The latest version of the Agent software should be used when performing the installation procedu ...
  2. questionCisco VPN Software Installation and Configuration
    The following article describes the installation and configuration procedure for the Cisco VPN client that is used by customers who have purchased a Hosted SpitFire system. The installation file for the VPN client will be provided on disk or by OPC Technical Support. Cisco VPN Client Installa ...
  3. questionInstalling and Configuring X-Lite Soft Phone
    This article describes how to install and configure the X-Lite soft phone to work with the SPD Agent software. This is used in SIP trunk configurations where the Agents will not be using DID lines and phones at their desks. Instead they can use X-Lite and a USB headset to create the voice connec ...
  4. questionBandwidth Testing
    Click on the link below to test your bandwidth.