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Word Description
D-channel Signaling channel in ISDN circuits. A 24 channel, PRI circuit will have 23 B-channels and 1 D-channel. E1 circuits (used outside of the US and Canada) have 31 b-channels and 1 D-channel.
Dialer A computer that is used to make phone calls. SpitFire Dialers come in 2 main varieties, Auotdialer and Predictive Dialer.
Dialogic Card This card is the standard Telephony card used in all SpitFire Dialers that are interfacing with either analog or T1 lines. SpitFire Dialers use Dialogic cards from 4 lines per card, up to 48 lines (2 T1's) per card. SpitFire Dialers can also be built using Dialogic E1 cards for Dialers in locations outside of North America.