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Viking SO-24A

Installation instructions for SO-24A Monitoring Box

NOTE : Please do not change the DIP Switch Settings from defaults listed below.




1)Make sure the DIP Switch Settings are 1=ON , 2= OFF and 3= OFF.
2)Connect the MSI Cable from the Dialer to the breakout box to the bottom connector.
3)Connect the Additional RJ21X male to male cable (Shipped Along with Viking Box) to top connector of the break out box and to the SO-24A monitoring Box.
4)Connect the monitoring phone line to port 25 of the break out box.
5)Connect the power adapter to the SO-24A Monitoring box.
6)Connect analog phone to port 25 of break out box.
7)Start the dialer, launch a campaign and check the system.

Installation Test:

1)If the installation was correct then, you will hear a dial tone in supervisor phone when you take it off-hook.
2)If you hear beeps and no dial tone, check the cabling is securely tightened for all connections, check power supply to SO-24A and make sure you have talk battery on other jacks in the break out box as well.
3)If step 2 does not solve the problem then contact OPC Tech Support.


1)To monitor a phone line, pick up the supervisor phone, dial # + Line Code.
2)For Three way conversation Press *.
3)To End the conversation, hang up supervisor phone.

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