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Viking Radamp + SO-24A Setup


Installation instructions for RADAMP

1)Connect the supervisor's line 25 to line out of RADAMP.
2)Connect the remote access phone line to line in of RADAMP.
(This is the phone line which will be dialed in to monitor the agents)
3)Make sure the power switch is on.

Setting the security code and SO-24a mode:

1)Dial into the Viking from any phone.
2)Enter * VIKING (You will hear two beeps after entering this).
3)Enter 6 digit security code (no digits disables security code) followed by #45.
4)Now dial ** to enable SO-24A mode.


1)Call the monitoring phone number.
2)Enter the access code set previously or do not if you did not enter any digits in step 3 above.
3)Hit # + two digit station number. For example, to listen to station 2, hit #02.
4)Hit * at any time to break into call.
5)Repeat step 3 to go to a different station.

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