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Importing a List with ListMaker Pro

The following is a detailed explanation of the steps required to import a new list with ListMaker Pro (MySQL Version) and the various options and settings that can be used when importing.
Also see this article for Alternate Number Dialing instructions.

Importing a list with ListMaker Pro

1. Open ListMaker Pro from the icon on the Dialer's Desktop.

2. Click on Utilities->Import List

3. Now we have the ASCII Import window:

4. Select the yellow folder to the right of ASCII Filename: to select the text or csv file you want to import.
Note: See this article for helpful hints on file common file formatting issues.

5. Once you have clicked the yellow folder, then you can browse to the location of your text or csv file. If it is a csv file, click the drop down menu next to Files of Type and select csv.

6. Once the file is opened, you will see the first record listed in the ASCII Data window, on the left-hand side of the Import window.  

7. These fields need to be mapped from the left side to the corresponding fields on the right-hand side. That is done by clicking on the field on the left side and then clicking into the small box to the right of the field name under Field Definitions.

Here is what this would look like for the file we have selected:

Note that the fields labeled Spare 1, Spare 2, etc have been modified to accept the extra data that we want to map. These Spare Fields are customizable in this way so that you can map additional information. There are 10 Spare Fields that you can use. Clicking on the Switch Spare Fields check box, at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen allows you to toggle between the first 5 and the second 5 Spare Fields.

All of this field mapping is so that you can provide the telemarketers with the most amount of information in their Agent screen. However, the only field that is absolutely necessary to map something to is the Voice# field. All other fields are, from a technical standpoint, optional.
Also note that you can map up to 4 different phone numbers in this window if you want to use the Alternate Number Dialing Feature of SpitFire Predictive Pro.

9. You can also save this as a template so that you don't have to manually map these fields out every time. Of course, this assumes that you are using text or csv files that always have the fields in the same places. And if not, you can use the template and then manually correct the  improperly mapped fields.
When you click on the Template Menu at the top of the ASCII Import window, you have the option of Save or Open template. 

10. The Options Menu, also at the top of the ASCII Import window, gives access to some import options.

Of particular note is the ability to Order Records Randomly, which allows you to randomize the data on import. So if your list provider gives you data that is alphabetical by city or some other ordering, Listmaker can randomize the data when imported. 

11. Once you have mapped out all of the fields you want to use and checked off any options you want to use, we need to save the new database. Click the Save button below the yellow folder buttons, at the top right-hand side of the Import window.

12. Then you will be presented with the Create new/Add to Existing window.

Here you have the option create a new list or add this data to an existing list. Note that by default, ListMaker will prevent duplicate phone numbers from being imported. If you want to allow that for some reason, just check the box, Allow Duplicate Voicephone.

13. Now you will click the Green Traffic Light icon in the top, right-hand corner of the Import window to start the import process.

And you will see Started Importing... in the top, left-hand corner of the screen:

The amount of time it takes to import the file will depend on the size of the file but the MySQL Server engine that ListMaker Pro connects to is very fast. It can import hundreds of thousands of records in a matter of minutes. However, if this is a very large file, be aware that there may be some slowness in active processes until the import process is finished. 

14. When it is finished, you will get the Import Results screen.


Total Records Read: This is how many records were read from the csv or text file that was imported.
Bad Records: These are records that did not have a valid phone number.
NoCall Records: Any records that were in the Dialer's nocalls database will be removed.
Duplicate Records: These are records that have the same phone number as a previous record imported.
Total Records Imported: Total records, minus the Bad, NoCall and Duplicates.

15. You are finished imorting the list and it is ready to dial!

Very Important: Please make sure you close ListMaker between imports to insure proper functionality.

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