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Installing and Configuring X-Lite Soft Phone

This article describes how to install and configure the X-Lite soft phone to work with the SPD Agent software. This is used in SIP trunk configurations where the Agents will not be using DID lines and phones at their desks. Instead they can use X-Lite and a USB headset to create the voice connection between the Dialer and the Agent station.
See this article for help on installing and configuring the SPD Agent software.

The X-Lite software is a free soft phone that can be downloaded from:

Note: Please plug in your USB headset before beginning the X-Lite software installation process.

Installing and Configuring X-Lite

Important: This article has screen shots for both Xlite version 3 and version 4 in the configuration instructions.

1. First, double-click the file that you downloaded to begin the installation process.

2. Click Next until you get to the following:

Usually it is best to leave the defaults checked here but you can uncheck them if you don't want to have X-Lite load when the Agent station boots up.

3. Now it will begin installing the software.

4. When finished, it might ask you to reboot the machine, which you should do if it prompts this:

5. Once installed, you will have the X-Lite icon on the Desktop.

6. Opening X-Lite 3 for the first time will automatically bring you to a SIP configuration window.

Opening Xlite 4 for the first time will bring you to this window:

Click Account Settings.

7. Click Add to create a new SIP account.

In Xlite 4, it looks like this:

8. Fill in the information as above. The user and passwords can just be agent1-agent, etc for all stations. They do not need to refer to a specific person's name. The Domain field is very important and should be the IP address of the SpitFire Server (Dialer). Also make sure to uncheck Register with domain and receive incoming calls.

9. Click on the Voicemail tab and uncheck the Check for voice mail option.

In Xlit3 4, like this:

10. Click on the Topology tab, uncheck Enable ICE and check Manually specify range.

11. Set the range to 5080 and 5081.

In Xlite 4, the Topology tab will look like this:

Note the Range of ports will be set to 5080 to 5081.

12. You can ignore the other two tabs and click OK, at the bottom of the window to bring you back to the SIP accounts window.

13. Click Close and now it will bring you back to the main X-Lite window.

Like this in Xlite 4:

In Xlite 4, click on Softphone-->Preferences.

14. In Xlite 3 Right-click on the X-Lite window and you will be able to select Options.

15. Click on the Devices option on the left to configure X-Lite to use the USB headset you have plugged into the computer earlier.

16. Once the configuration is complete, you can minimize the X-Lite window by clicking the    button located in the top, right-hand corner of the X-lite window.

17. You will now notice that there is a new icon on the System Tray at the bottom, right-hand corner of your Windows Desktop.

18. When you log on the SpitFire Agent software, the Dialer will first call the X-Lite phone to initiate a voice connection to your station. X-Lite will prompt you to accept this call by displaying a window bear the X-Lite System Tray icon.

 19. You will click Answer here and then wait for the calls to be transfered to you from the Dialer. You will not hang up your calls through X-Lite, you will always use the disposition buttons in the Agent software. If you loose your X-Lite connection for some reason, simply log off the Agent software and log back in.

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