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Wiring Diagram for SPD 24x48 - PBX Integrated w/ T1/E1/PRI

This diagram shows the basic configuration of a 24 Agent by 72 line SpitFire Predictive Dialer that has been integrated into an existing PBX Phone System. The advantage of this is the ability for the Agents to use their own existing telephones as apposed to a Stand Alone system that requires analog headsets connected directly to the Dialer.

In this configuration, we have 24 Agents. Each Agent requires a dedicated line between the Dialer and the Agent's extension to create the voice path between the Dialer and the station. If we assume a 2 to 1 dial ratio between phone lines and Agents, then we need an additional 48 lines for dialing outbound from the Dialer. The total lines required would be 72.
The diagram above shows three(3) T1 connections between the Dialer and the PBX. This means the PBX will also need to have three(3) T1 cards to specifically interface with the Dialer's three T1 cards.

IMPORTANT: In this scenario, the Dialer assumes there will be 48 lines available in this PBX for outbound dialing. That would be above the amount of lines used in the office for all other calls made by those people not logged into the Dialer. In other words, if you have a total of just two T1's coming into your PBX for ALL calls made in the office, you may not have enough lines available for the Dialer to use when everyone in the office are using their phones. This would result in a large amount of failed calls due to lack of available lines.

This configuration is typically referred to as a Remote Agent scenario. Remote Agents can be in the same office, (using extensions) or in a completely different location, using extensions or DID numbers.
For more information on Remote Agent configurations, please see THIS article.

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