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Wiring Diagram for Analog Dialogic Cards/Phone Lines

The diagram below describes the wiring and phone connections for a SpitFire Predictive Dialer configured for 16 Agents by 32 lines. In this configuration, the Dialer is stand alone, meaning it is not integrated with a PBX and the workstations will have headsets that connect directly to the Dialer.

The objective of this diagram is to display how the Dialogic cards are arranged and which phone lines are connected to which Dialogic cards. Also to give descriptions of the various cables and accessories. Although this describes a specific configuration of 16 Agents by 32 lines, this could be scaled up or down, using fewer or more Dialogic cards.

The perspective of the diagram is facing the rear panel of the SpitFire Dialer.

D/160SC Cards:
This Dialer is configured with two Dialogic D/160SC cards for receiving the 32 analog lines from the Phone Company. Each card can handle 16 lines. The cards are arranged with the first card being nearest the keyboard/mouse and monitor connections. This is lines 1-16. The second card is next to that and is lines 17-32.
If this was a 48 line analog Dialer, there would be three D/160 cards, arranged in the same order with the last 16 line card being the furthest away from the keyboard/mouse and monitor connections.

MSI/160 Card:
In this configuration, the MSI card is what will receive the phone cords coming from the headset/amplifiers at the Agent workstations. In the configuration above, we are using a 16 port MSI card. However, this could go up to 24 ports if using an MSI/240 card. More than 24 Agents would be handled by multiple MSI cards.
In the stand alone configuration described above, there is also an MSI Power Supply and Power cable. The Power Supply must be attached to the MSI card to provide talk-battery at the headsets.

Amphenol and DB-37 Cables:
These large, grey cables are used for connecting between the Dialogic cards, in the back of the Server to the 25 port breakout boxes included with the system. They can also be connected to a 66-block or patch panel. The cables are slightly different in that the DB-37's will have a silver, 25 pin connector on one end and a black connector on the other. Whereas the Amphenol cables will have black connectors on either end. 
The DB-37 cables will be attached to the D/160 cards and the Amphenol cable(s) to the MSI card(s).

25 Port Breakout Boxes:
Each one of these boxes has twenty-five, RJ-11 phone jacks. RJ-11 are single pair jacks for one station line per jack. In the case of the D/160 cards, only the first 16 jacks are used. Jacks 17-25 are left empty. 
If the system is configured with a MSI/240 station card, you would use jacks 1-24 for the headset lines. And, if you have also purchased a Viking Monitoring unit, the monitoring port is jack 25. 

Keyboard/Mouse, Monitor and Network Connections:
The connections will all be on a single card, on the back panel of the Server.  

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