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Wiring Diagram for 4x8 Analog SpitFire Predictive

The diagram below illustrates the basic layout for a 4 Agent by 8 line SpitFire Predictive Dialer. This configuration is using analog phone lines and it is not integrated into a phone system or PBX.

This next image is the basic wiring diagram for the Dialogic card cables in the back of the Dialer.

This configuration will use:

1 x MSI/80 eight port Station card:
This card is what provides voice connectivity to the individual Agent station headsets. This card can go up to 8 stations.
1 x D/160 sixteen line analog card:
This card provides up to 16 lines of outbound dialing capacity. It requires standard, analog or POTS lines.

Amphenol and DB-37 Cables:
These two large, grey cables connect between the Dialogic cards in the back of the Server to the two breakout boxes. The amphenol cable is for the MSI/80 card and has black connectors on either end. The DB-37 cable is for the D/160 card and has a black connector on one and a silver connector on the other.

25 port Breakout Boxes:
These boxes receive the cables from the Dialogic cards. Each box has twenty-five RJ-11 jacks. In the configuration above, only the first 4 ports are used for the MSI card and the first 8 for the D/160 card. 

MSI Power Supply and Cable: This external power supply is what provides power or Talk-Battery to the headset/amplifiers at the stations. This must be connected for the Agents to get sound in their headsets.

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