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Wiring Diagram for Standalone SPD 4x12 SIP

This diagram illustrates a basic 4 Agent by 12 line SpitFire Predictive Dialer using SIP trunks for phone lines. It is stand alone, meaning that it is not integrated with a SIP PBX. The SIP trunks are coming directly from the Carrier. This configuration of 12 lines assumes the requirement for a 2 to 1 Dial Ratio. This means it will be able to dial 2 lines per Agent, when all 4 Agents are logged in.
The other 4 lines in the configuration are required to create a voice path between the Dialer and the workstations. 

8 lines dialing out + 4 lines for Agent workstations = 12 lines total.

1U Rack Mount Server:
This is the machine that will be running the SpitFire Predictive software. This machine needs to be assigned a static IP on the network. It does not however have to be a public IP address as we are able to do Network Address Translation via software running on the Dialer.

In this configuration, the workstations will be using a soft-phone at each station and a USB headset connected to each workstation. This configuration means that there is a direct SIP voice connection between the Dialer and the softphone at each station and does not require the workstations to have telephones with DID's. It also reduces bandwidth required to the Internet. 

An alternate configuration would be for the workstations to have hard phones with DID's assigned to each. However, that scenario may incur local toll charges from the SIP Carrier for each call between the Dialer and the workstations. It also means an additional requirement for bandwidth from the ISP.

Internet Bandwidth Requirements:
If all 4 Agents are on the same LAN as the Dialer and are going to use and the workstations will use soft-phones instead of DID's, the upload and download bandwidth required for this configuration would be at least 800 Kbps. If the stations are not on the same physical network and/or will be using hardphones with DID's, the bandwidth requirements would be 1200 Kbps up and down. This is on top of the typical bandwidht usage in the office.
Each SIP line requires 100 Kbps up and down.

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