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Randomizing Data with ListMaker Pro


With SpitFire Predictive ListMaker Pro (version 1.1.60 or later) there is a randomization feature that can be used to randomize the data that is imported into the Dialer's database engine.
This can be done either when first importing a new list or with an existing list. Randomizing data on import is the easiest way of getting your data randomized so we will begin with that procedure.

Randomizing A New List

Importing a new list and randomizing it is almost exactly the same procedure as importing a new list. See THIS ARTICLE for complete instructions on that process.
The only difference is in the ASCII Import window, under Options. There is a Order Records Randomly option that needs to be checked off.

IMPORTANT: This option needs to be checked off every time you import a new list that needs to be randomized.

Randomizing An Existing List

If you need to randomize a list that has already been dialed and you want to retain what records have been dialed and what the call results were, the procedure is more complicated but it is possible to do. The list will need to be exported as a new list and the export process can randomize the data for you.

1. Open the list you want to randomize in ListMaker Pro.

2. Then click on Utilities-->Export List to bring up the Select fields to export window.

3. Here we need to select the fields to include in the export. The obvious ones like Name, Address and Voicephone should be selected.

4. Also, if you have imported any additional data into any of the Spare, customized fields, those should selected as well.

Notes that may have been added by the Agents to the Notes field can be exported by selecting the Note field.

5. To maintain the call results of the records that have already been dialed, the following fields also must be selected: LastResult, DialResult, Hit, Points and CallCount.

6. You can also save a template of these fields so that you don't have to manually select these fields every time you do an export. Just click on Save Template and then name it. Select Open Template next time you do an export and it will auto select all the fields.

7. Click Start Export to bring you to the next screen where you can select the Export Options.

8. Here you would select the Export to New list option and type the name of the new list into the Database: field. Check the All Records box and select Order by Random, in the top, right-hand corner.

9. Click Export and, when finished, the Records: indicator will read how many records were exported.

Now you will have a new list that has been randomized and can be dialed by your Campaign software, just like any other list.


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